LDC Group International Development Spain Poland

International dynamics

Group LDC's second growth relay focuses on international development with country-specific strategies and the Group has set itself impressive ambitions.
The strategy is to continue to develop industrially in the target countries, winning market share there and in the bordering countries by duplicating its technologies and expertise.

International development will be accomplished for the most part through acquisitions in countries where poultry consumption is strong or where there is good growth potential and countries where European buying offices are already present.


Since the acquisition of Drosed in 2000, LDC has become the leader in Poland on the poultry market. Historically focused on whole, standard products adapted to local consumer habits, the Group is moving towards processd and cut products.

For the last financial year, this repositioning with new value-added ranges like cold poultry cuts was achieved thanks to the industrial reorganisation that has been carried out over the last two years.

This change of direction has been assisted by an intense commercial drive with the distribution network. Today, the Group is present in the biggest stores in Europe: Géant, Kaufland, Tesco, Auchan, Carrefour, Ahold, etc.

In these countries, LDC Group's objectives are to:

  • Build a poultry activity similar to the existing one in France;
  • Rationalise and specialise;
  • Strengthen and direct the sales policy per distribution sector;
  • Develop raw cut products and processed products;
  • Increase the notoriety of the DROSED label.


The LDC Group has been present in Spain since 1995, with the company HERMANOS SAIZ in Villaviciosa de Odon in the Western suburbs of Madrid.

Spain is a healthy market for LDC.
Chicken consumption in Spain is the highest in Europe per inhabitant per year. The SAIZ company, specialising in chicken pieces and cuts, has progressively moved towards the manufacture and sale of processed poultry products specifically adapted to the Spanish market.

Well established in the market through major distributors in Madrid, HERMANOS SAIZ is also present in collective catering.

In early 2004, the acquisition of the company Avilaves Gredos helps:

  • Ensure supply of poultry born and farmed in Spain.
  • Guarantee complete traceability.