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Convenience division

  • Convenience division

    In addition to the industrial and commercial leadership built on the industry of poultry, LDC Group has sought to develop a business on a separate market, the convenience market. 


    Unlike poultry, the convenience business is indeed a business of assembly; the convenience division, which is an autonomous entity within LDC, is born in 2001, from successive takeovers of LA TOQUE ANGEVINE (1994), ATI (1998) and EPC (2000). Through a dynamic strategy of internal and external growth (acquisition of AGIS, DLG and MARIE) the Convenience Division has become a major player in this industry in France.


    The Convenience division offers a wide range of products such as ready meals, pizzas, pancakes, exotic meals and sandwiches. This fresh and frozen food is sold through its own brands or for retail labels.


    With the acquisition of the company MARIE in 2009, the division now has the best brand in the fresh and frozen convenience range. The TRADITIONS D’ASIE brand is well established on exotic specialty segment, and the brand Régalette is known from consumer [for its pancakes to many recipes].


    With industrial tools that meet the latest health standards, the Division strives to meet the growing expectations of consumers in terms of food safety, quality and innovation. Innovation capacity and brand positioning allow the division to differentiate and earn the recognition of retail brands in a highly competitive market.


    This strategy is supported by women and men of the company as well as an investment policy designed to improve industrial performance of all production sites.


    The convenience division of the LDC group and has 6 companies and 12 industrial sites:


    Marie : 4 sites

    –     Rungis : administrative Headquarters

    –     Sablé-sur-Sarthe : ready meals

    –     Briec : ready meals and exotic products

    –     Viriat : pastries, quiches, tarts and pies


    Marie Surgelés : 3 sites

    – Mirebeau : quiches, pies, pizzas and pancakes

    – Chacé : pizzas, pies and pastries

    – Airvault : ready meals.


    Espri Restauration : 2 sites

    Work in the catering sector (commercial and collective)

    – Roezé : ready meals, cooked meats and sauces

    – Wissous : commercial office and order picking


    La Toque Angevine : 1 site

    –     Segré : pizza and fresh sandwiches


    Agis : 3 sites

    –     Avignon : ready meals

    –     Tarare : exotic products

    –     Herbignac : exotic products


    Regalette : 1 site

    – Saint Nolff : pancakes plain or garnished