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Our commitments


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  • Secured supplies

    Security of supply is based on mutual trust established between LDC and its partners. This trust is one of the founder element of our Group.

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  • Control of industrial processes

    To cope with the changing market of poultry, our group acquired competitive and performing industrial tools.

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  • Food security and traceability

    Consumers are more and more focused on processed products’ composition.

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  • Quality signs

    Concerned to answer to every consumers need, the Group offers products with different signs of quality.

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Sustainable development report

An ambitious and responsible project

Feed consumers well with quality products, accessible, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Meet the needs of our customers by providing them with a sustainable quality, service and innovation.

Make that Men and Women feel comfortable in the company with an emphasis on listening, respect and sharing performance.

  • Research & Development

    Innovation is one of the reason why LDC Group has success.

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  • Social

    Improve Health and Safety at workplace, promote a new culture.

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