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Our HR policy

  • Life in our Group

    P. Van Den Bossche

    Because our businesses are worn by women and men who make up the group, our social policy seeks to always keep a real sense, close to the daily concerns and needs of each activity.

    Our organization allows everyone to keep a link with the proximity of work, site activity, but also to preserve the human dimension that we consider a crucial element in our relationship to work.



    Each subsidiary of the group is autonomous in its functioning and accountable in its perimeter. It can thus be responsive, creative and flexible in its decision making. The Group-traverse functions facilitate synergies and sharing of best practices in providing advice, communication, control and consistency.

    That’s why our Human Resources policy is based on the following principles: 

    Capitalize on men and women working tirelessly to improve working conditions and allowing each to evolve within the group and to learn other trades. For this, we encourage mobility between subsidiaries, divisions and businesses and encourage internal promotion

    Preserve, develop and transmit our knowledge of business by promoting the acquisition and development of knowledge internally and promoting its transfer

    Promote Corporate culture due to the simplicity, usability and trust we share, and by ensuring that the corporate culture is still in line with the values ​​that we carry

    Accompany international development by cultivating a spirit of openness to others and to different practices of our business

    Preserve our ability to enrich new cultures and methods that we encounter through our acquisitions, maintaining curiosity and openness that characterize our teams