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Corporate governance

   Presentation of the LDC governance       MIDDLENEXT CODE   
  • Presentation of the LDC governance

    Our governance reflects two strong characteristics of LDC:

     – A majority family shareholders very active at the Supervisory Board under the chairmanship of Gérard Chancereul,

    – A strengthened Executive Board, chaired by Denis Lambert, entirely focused on operational management and the achievement of growth and profitability objectives.

    With respect towards third parties and subject to the powers expressly granted by the law and statutes to the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders’ Meetings, the Executive Board has broad powers to act in all circumstances on behalf of the Group. The supervisory Board meets as often as required by the interests of the Group. It is the decision maker and administration body of the Group.

    Its missions

    •  define the Group’s strategy and monitor its implementation,
    •  define the performance objectives (financial, commercial, operational…) of the Group and their breakdown by activity and to monitor their achievement,
    •  allocate the Group resources (human, financial, etc.),
    •  define the organizational principles and its processes serving customers and skills development.

    The Executive Board works closely with the Management Committee, which is responsible for studying and exchanging on the Group issues. Its composition ensures a balanced representation of the various business segments of the Group.

    The Supervisory Board ensures control of the management of the group led by the Executive Board and reports it to the shareholders. It ensures the quality of the provided information to shareholders and markets. For more information, see the Rules and Regulations of the Supervisory Board.

    The Supervisory Board has established two committees – the Audit Committee and the Remuneration Committee – which roles are to study and prepare the Board deliberations.

    The Supervisory Board of LDC is composed of ten members: nine men and one woman.
    Two members are independent.
    LDC applies the recommendations of the Middlenext code. The Middlenext code is the code of corporate governance of which LDC voluntarily refers to.



    Published in December 2009, the MIDDLENEXT governance code is offering to medium and small listed companies the guidelines to assess their governance by taking into account their size, their capital structure and their history.

    This code allows sufficient flexibility in the governance rules to adapt them to the realities of business.

    This code is particularly suitable for the size of our group; we refer to it since May 2010 to evaluate our governance.

    To access to the Middlenext Code:



  • Rules and Regulations of the LDC Supervisory Board

    This regulation aims to clarify the operating methods of the supervisory board, to remind the members of their various duties and to promote good governance practices.