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Key figures

   Evolution of tonnages       Evolution of turnover       Distribution of turnover        Operating income       Cash flow       Simplified balance sheet   
  • Evolution of tonnages



    Evolution of the tonnage sold by our Group over the last 5 years
    Goal achieved: our growth is faster than the market

    These excellent performances result from actions conducted over many years

    •    A policy of constant innovation.
    •    A wide range of products adapted to the consumer expectations.
    •    A high level of quality with our labelled products.

    Evolution of consolidated turnover of the group (in millions of euros).
    We are conducting an active and controlled policy of external acquisitions.

  • Evolution of turnover

  • Distribution of turnover 2017/2018

  • Operating income


    Operating and net income of the LDC Group in millions of euros.

    Poultry, core business of our group gives us a leading position in this market. With our expertise, we must support the evolution of consumption to convenience products and ensure our international development.

    These two strategic directions have been initiated in recent years. They should allow us to continue to improve our performance.

  • Cash flow

    Cash flow and industrial investments in millions of euros

    Our cash flow allows us to finance a major investment program by ourselves.

  • Simplified balance sheet (28th February 2018)

    Simplified balance sheet in millions of euros.