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   Your shareholder rights       How to become a shareholder?    
  • Your shareholder rights

    Economic rights

    Your shareholder position gives you the right to receive part of the profits of the company if the latter distributes it. Upon the proposal of the Management Board this distribution is determined by the general assembly, which approves the annual accounts and the allocation of the profit for the year.

    Right to intervene in the company’s life

    You can also participate in general assemblies where you have a right to vote (one share, one vote).

    The articles of Incorporation of LDC provide a double voting rights (one share, two votes) for any registered shares owned continuously for two years at least.

    You can also ask written and oral questions during the Annual General Assembly which approves the accounts. The terms of these interventions are specified in the articles of Incorporation.

    Right to be informed

    Directors must inform you at any moment and without delay, of any fact which may affect the stock exchange price.

    During the General Assemblies you can also ask to consult various documents concerning the management of social affairs and social life of the company.

    At the head office of the firm, you can also consult corporate documents concerning the last three financial years and the minutes and attendance sheets of meetings held during this period.

  • How to become a shareholder?

    You can hold LDC shares under 2 distinct forms: the “registered” form and the “bearer” form.

    Bearer shares

    When it comes the bearer form, your shares are held by your financial intermediary (brokerage company, bank or online broker) and your identity is not immediately known by LDC. However in accordance with the articles of Incorporation, we may request the identification of the holders of bearer shares.

    Registered shares

    2 forms of registered shares are possible:

     The administered registered shares
    Your stock portfolio is held by your financial intermediary who is responsible for its management. Your titles are however registered in the accounts of LDC, which allows us to identify and establish direct contact with you.

    The pure registered shares
    Your shares are registered directly and exclusively in the accounts of LDC, which enables us to provide a personalized service.

    Your shares are registered on a securities account opened with BNP Paribas which is managing the LDC shares service.

    You benefit from an exemption of the custody-and-management fees.

     If you want to sell your pure registered shares, you must first convert them into bearer shares.

  • Our code of stock market ethics

    Our Code of Ethics sets out rules to regulate the use and disclosure of certain inside information. It aims to prevent crimes and insider trading.

  • 2016/2017 Closed periods

    This document defines the periods during which a person in possession of inside information must refrain from conducting transactions on the shares of the company, as long as this information is not made public.

  • Articles of Incorporation

    The articles of corporation are governing the relationship between the partners, between the partners and the company and between the company and third parties.