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LDC's culture and values

  • Culture and values LDC




    Our corporate culture is built on three basic principles of LDC Group :

    * expertise in our business
    * research of well done job
    * respect for our customers, our consumers, our employees, our farmers and suppliers

    We are rich of a culture of entrepreneurship, capitalisation of knowledge and responsibility of everyone, regardless of their level within the company.


    Le travail


    We love the work well done, well organised, concrete actions to fix difficulties of everyday life by involving management and employees.



    Historically, we create, we invent in all areas: product, technical and social. We always have the same goal: improve the material balance, quality and working conditions.

    La Responsabilité


    Being responsible is to be an actor to act and decide in the interest of the company. It is also investing in the future and sustainability of the Group, while preserving the environment. 

    Le Respect


    This respect is the one we have for customers, employees and farmers. Respect means listening, accepting the mistake, focus on teamwork, and build our wealth on our differences and complementarities.

    La performance


    Being efficient is to share best practices and promote continuous improvement efforts. It is also promoting the culture of results, while accepting to be questioned when it should appear.

    La simplicité


    Humility is one of the foundations of this characteristic simplicity of our group. It is also important for everyone to be accessible, to go to the essentials. Finally, be simple, of course, is to have common sense.