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Our projects

   Our corporate vision       International ambitions   
  • Our corporate vision

    Notre projet d'entreprise



    Feed consumers well with products of quality, accessible, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

    Meet the needs of our customers by providing them a sustainable quality, service and innovation.

    Make that Men and Women feel comfortable in the company with an emphasis on listening, respect and sharing performance.

  • International ambitions

    International ambitions, controlled growth, a model of local implantation. We draw from our rural roots unparalleled richness, a perfect knowledge of our businesses, the firm will of well done work and a strong commitment to the company.

    This “good peasant sense” that we share with pride, regardless of our level of responsibility, allows us to grow on a sound basis and control our development.

    It is in this spirit that we grow abroad. Whether in Poland or Spain, our businesses thrive on an existing agricultural environment and become job providers and creators of a local social fabric.

    We rely on the men and the women in companies that join us and let the responsibility of their business, while providing our business expertise.

    We clearly show our commitment to overseas development, because we have easily adapted to the expanding markets. If this desire is affirmed, it is certain that our choices will be weighed and reflected in an optical controlled growth.

     Our guiding development plan based on our French scheme :

    Born in the country,
         Bred in this country,
    Prepared in the same country.