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Research & Development

  • Research and development


    Innovation is one of the reason why LDC Group has success. It enables to propose products tailored to consumer expectations.

    This innovation dynamic is possible thanks to more than one hundred professionals – including a Research and innovation center of 6 people – whose mission is to conceive tomorrow’s products.

    R&D is part of DNA’s Group and we always considered that was the essential driver of growth. That is why LDC Group is investing 1% of its turnover in it. By this way we have been the first to offer to consumers products without additives (with ingredients “like at home”).


    Work realized in the primary and secondary packaging sector are mostly orientated on reduce packaging on the source but also increasing recyclable packaging.

    New technologic solutions enabled us to offer innovative concepts serving convenience and preservation: beside the protecting point, we strive to simplify its use by consumer. Easy opening on the “the right roasting” range made by Marie or rewarming of roast filet Le Galois are examples of that.

    We also attach importance to eco-design: reducing weight of packaging is a permanent target of the Group LDC! Moreover, we promote whenever possible use of recyclable material like cardboard and aluminum to better meet the environmental challenge.

    Finally to help our consumers better sort waste, we post sorting advices on every Marie’s packaging and plan to do the same for all products made by the Group.


    Within the Group LDC, a department is dedicated to nutrition because we strive to offer products always more healthy and secure to our consumers.

    Constant improvement efforts of nutritional quality are made to answer the level expected by our brands, always reassessed higher.

    Thus, we define convention for each of our brands concerning managing different nutritional standards like salt or saturated fat. We also care about simplification of ingredient list and to eradicate additives to guarantee a healthy and sustainable food.

    To develop its scientific expertise about nutrition and participate to the public healthcare effort, Marie supports research, especially through the FRHTA as a founding member since 2006.


    Ingredients used in the formulation of our products are strictly selected depending on quality, origin and functionality criteria. We privilege raw ingredients and we limit ingredient to the very least.

    For example we, for Marie’s products, eradicate additives like colours, flavor or preservative. It needs a strong expertise about ingredients and an ongoing research work to identify and test new ingredients looking forward to improve the quality or preservation of products.


    Our works are mainly based on optimization of existing processes to improve quality of product while reducing energy consumption.

    Research on new technologies allow us to offer healthier and safer products while conserving high-quality products.


    Priority axis is to lower use of medicines, even when they are used under veterinarian control and in the plain legal framework. Thereby, LDC Group privilege use of alternative solutions when it comes to animal feed, like essential oils, plant extracts and probiotics.

    Since 15 years, we use 100% vegetal feed. It involves reconsidering poultry feed basis. Finally, we reduced phosphorus loads in the air by using phytase.