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  • Health & Safety

    Improve Health and Safety at workplace

    We took commitments in improvement of work conditions in order to always provide more safety for people and health. Reduction of work accidents shows our work to improve conditions. We are now developing structure to prevent occupational disease. We rethink ergonomics of workstations and integrate the concept of health and security in our investments.

    Evolution of the occupational injury rate in LDC Group


    Frequency rate reduced by 57% over the last 5 years :

    These good results come from:

    • The systematic analysis of all accident to determine and act on causes.
    • Extension of the measure to analysis of weak signals (like near misses accidents or minor care) to improve prevention system.

    Promote a new culture where everybody becomes an actor

    Through active prevention, we are investing every day to ensure the safety of all our employees. This new culture is based on continuous improvement and aims to empower stakeholders at all levels.

    • Naming of a safety coordinator in each production site
    • Establishment of Steering Committee Health and Safety
    • Development of skills with a dynamic training program and shared experience between companies within LDC Group to spread preventive actions
    • Active monitoring on new prevention concepts: development of relationship with Health Academics to open knowledge between workers and scientists