Sponsoring and partnerships

The LDC Group creates a partnership with CITEO for the development of a polystyrene recycling industry in France


Expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging is the most important part of our packaging in the Poultry Division.  EPS is a particularly optimised material both from an environmental point of view (due to its very light weight) and from an economic point of view.

With the extension of sorting instructions on a national scale, CITEO (formerly Eco Emballages, the company that organises the collection and sorting of household packaging) has enabled the organisation of recycling channels for Polypropylene trays (such as Marie ready meals or poultry cuts from certain customers), PET (gratins Marie) or Polyethylene bags (IQF Marie).

However, the EPS material recycling channel does not yet exist in France, although it has already been organised in Spain, Italy and Germany. In order for our poultry packaging to find a second life thanks to recycling, the LDC group is partnering with companies (Cooperl, Bigard, Yoplait, Lactalis, Agro Mousquetaires…) from the dairy products sector (yoghurts are also mainly made of PS), the butcher’s sector, and with CITEO, within the PS25 consortium. Objective: to create outlets for PES and develop a recycling industry in France by 2025.

LDC and its brands are, like our consumers, aware of the importance of encouraging the recycling of its packaging, and are committed to making the circular economy a reality!

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