Our brands reflect our daily commitments which aim to offer your products that combine pleasure with the need to eat healthily.

Our brands express our diversity. Each brand, whether it is a heritage brand or more modern, local or international, offers a unique response that reflects the many desires and needs of our consumers.

Discover our extensive range of brands for France and the rest of the world.

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Discover all our brands

Brands at the heart of our strategy

Our brands reflect our daily commitment to offer your products that combine the pleasures of eating with the need to eat healthily.

Our brand diversity is unique. Each brand, irrespective of whether it is a heritage brand or more recent, local or international, is a specific response that reflects that the diversity of consumption and the desires of our consumers.

Discover our extensive range of brands for France and the rest of the world.

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Our major national Brands

THANK-YOU for your precious trust

You are almost 100% of French consumers to have enjoyed at least one product from our major poultry and convenience brands.

Source kantar household penetration rate Year to Year Growth Pxx/19 = 98%

"C'est bon d'être Gaulois !"

In France, the meal is sacred!

It’s the most important moment, whether you’re with your family, your partner or your friends.

It is the occasion to talk, to talk a lot, sometimes to have great debates, not always justified, but always animated!

It is the moment when we share the same passion for taste, when we share everything else besides, when we say to each other: “it is still good to be French! ”

Because we, the French, are proud to share values, a manners, a true culinary culture, a happiness of living and eating, unique in the world: “Le bon vivre à la française”.

60 years of commitment to superior quality poultry

Loué is a PGI and a brand of Les Fermiers de Loué. Since 1958, the Fermiers de Loué cooperative has opted for a unique approach to rearing chickens: freedom! On the strength of its original, ground-breaking model, the Loué farmers are completely in line with today’s societal expectations: small-sized family farms promoting close proximity between the animal and the farmer, poultry fed with local GMO-free cereals (<0.9%), positive energy organisation thanks to renewable energies, actions in favour of agroforestry and biodiversity aiming at maintaining sustainable agriculture.​  Since 2019, Loué has been certifying animal well-being using a dedicated labelling system.​Meaningful commitments and concrete actions make Loué France’s favourite bird!

"C'est déjà fait. Et très bien !"

For more than 30 years, Marie has been the brand for culinary know-how and the quality required for recipes prepared in accordance with the rules of the art! Rigorously selected ingredients, with particular attention paid to their origin and quality.

"Complice des chefs"

Poule & Toque supports professionals working in food service and encourages their creativity with an extensive and comprehensive offer of French origin poultry from a controlled, traced supply chain.

"Le Volailler inspiré"

For over 50 years, Maître CoQ has been innovating in response to constantly evolving consumer desires:

  • It creates recipes that reflect the trends of the era whilst complying with increasingly strict nutritional specifications,
  • It works in partnership with its farmers to ensure that poultry is fed and reared well,
  • It makes every effort to offer practical packaging whilst striving to improve the its long-term environmental impact.

Thanks to its expertise and passion for its work, Maître CoQ is constantly reviewing poultry whilst always adding a personal touch.

Our major international Brands

Our daily challenge

To share the know-how of each of the countries in which we are present and to promote French gastronomy and French excellence in farming.

Our poultry reared with access to outdoor roaming areas

Nature & Respect offers the international market expertise in the production of poultry reared with access to outdoor roaming areas. Poultry fed with 100% plant-based, GMO-free feed. Poultry is reared with respect for animal well-being, on small farms which encourage proximity between the farmer and the animal.

Respect for our poultry, Respect for nature and Respect for our consumers.

Drosed. Seriously tasty!

Drosed offers a range of poultry meat products that are well-known to Polish consumers. Drosed is your friend and ally in the kitchen. With a large range of fresh products, you can easily prepare delicious meals for your friends and family to enjoy. ​

“Drosed. Seriously tasty! *”

Best of Goods – Duck or Goose*

Goldenfood, the Hungarian brand for poultry specialities,
duck and goose.

French Goodness! French quality since 1933

The Doux brand, marketed in a hundred countries around the world, has become part of consumers’ daily lives. For the last 85 years, products have been made in France, a country well-known for its culinary know-how. The brand enjoys a strong reputation and offers a large range of frozen poultry products, such as ready-made products, chicken frankfurter sausages and whole poultry. Doux guarantees quality products that comply with nutritional, food safety and ethical standards.

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