Press release

Signature of agreements with food banks

To mark the 35th anniversary of the creation of French food banks and World Food Day on 16 October 2019, the LDC Group and the French Federation of Food Banks (FFBA) signed a national partnership agreement.

An open day was held at the Rennes food bank on Wednesday 16 October. This event was an opportunity to welcome all those who wanted to find out more about how food banks work, to meet volunteers and perhaps to get involved themselves.

The LDC Group is a long-standing food bank partner, in particular via its donations of poultry and processed products. The purpose of this agreement is to further develop the Group’s action to date by suggesting other forms of support that production sites and subsidiaries may be able to provide, in particular technical or logistical sponsorship.

LDC and the food banks share common values in the fight against poverty and food waste across the country.

In November 2019, the company LOEUF, located in La Bazoge, also signed a partnership agreement with the Sarthe branch of food banks and Huttepain Aliments, which brings together 6 free-range Le Gaulois egg producers.

The aim of the partnership is simple: to give eggs to the food bank. From the farmers’ perspective, this represents one egg per day per farmer, which equates to 2,200 eggs per year. For its part, the LOEUF company is also committed to donating eggs, allowing 120 families to have a box of 12 Le Gaulois free-range eggs per week.

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